Sunday 19 August 2012

Matthew Shlian's paper engineering

Matthew Shlian is an artist who works with paper. His attitude to creativity is really interesting. He has also managed to create a life for himself which allows him to continue to make art in his studio. He is inspired by the desire to continue experimenting with paper engineering, to test the limits of what is possible. He uses any technology available to him. I love what he says about the process of making something. He failed maths and geometry in school. He relies on imagining forms and testing the possibilities of his material in his hands. If he can see it and feel it he knows he can make it but says that if he knew exactly what the work was going to look like before it was completed he would not bother making it. In other words, the element of risk is all important and the process of solving problems is what motivates him to continue to create.

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