Sunday 18 September 2011

Mad Pad

I've just been playing with the new MadPad app for the iPhone and iPad. The video above demonstrates how it works. You simply record 12 short videos of ambient percussive sounds which the app trims automatically for you and assigns to separate pads on your device. Once you've completed your recordings you can tweak the pitch and volume settings for each pad. Then you're ready to record your beats mix and upload to the internet or save to your camera roll.

I fully intend to load the app onto my iPad and the school's iPod Touches. I'm pretty sure that students will have a great time remixing the sounds of the classroom and the whole school environment. What a great bit of imaginative design that's perfectly suited to mobile devices.

Here's my first effort using sounds gathered from my kitchen. I created and uploaded the video using the iMovie app:

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