Saturday 18 June 2011

Learning technologies in the new school

Yesterday was a momentous day for me, and also hopefully for learning in the new school. For the last nine months I have been working with the company who will manage the ICT service in the new school and it's fair to say it has monopolised my time, but yesterday we finally signed the contract and agreed what our new school ICT solution will be. So sorry for having been a stranger these last months!
I decided that I would have a little experiment with iPhone to share some of the key elements of what ICT in the new school will be like. You can now use Pages, Keynote and Numbers on an iPod or Phone and the presentation above was made on an iPhone. It was really easy to use, and having fewer options actually helped me work briskly and more efficiently. Once the presentation was made I shared it with directly from my phone and that created a web-hosted Keynote that I could email people. When you open the link it also allows people to leave notes and comments so that would really help a collaborative learning process. It would be even better if it created an embed code so that the presentation would play inside a blog or website. Anyway the techie element is dull stuff - the exciting thing is that using an iPod touch students will be able to share, communicate and develop their learning in a really flexible, agile and exciting way. Bring on the new school!


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Jon said...

How exciting. Thanks for all your hard work and dedicated support for all our learners (the young ones and slightly older ones) throughout this process Mr Hawes.