Wednesday 23 March 2011

Suggestions for the revised Manifesto for Creative Tallis

Hi folks
Thanks for a great meeting this morning. Here are some of the suggestions for the revised manifesto. Comments appreciated:

Everyone's a teacher. Everyone's a learner.

Learn everywhere. Learn your own way.

Cherish knowledge. Pass it on.

Ignite your learning with the spark of imagination.

Activate your network.

Challenged teacher challenge students.

Learning is limitless.

Failure is a learning experience.

Practice Newology and Wonderation.

Remember to bring your imaginations to school.

Be curious. Ask questions. Take risks. Believe in yourself.

Receive. Use. Share. Retrieve.

Nurture your talents, skills and interests.

Get engaged.

Sculpt your learning.

Love what you do.

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RobinLK said...

Hello from Orlando, Florida!

I took a quick peek at your school site and current manifesto, trying to get a feel so I could offer a somewhat intelligent opinion.

Looks like an amazing school... somewhere I'd like to spend lots of time, indeed! It seems our beliefs about learning and creativity are very much aligned. I write on the same topics on my blog with a focus on learning and instructional/leadership development. :)

That said, I like:
Get engaged.
Sculpt your learning.
Activate your network.

Good luck with the move/new school/new manifesto... lkg forward to reading more and checking out your resources!