Sunday 12 December 2010

Learning Score

I've just renewed my version of Learning Score. I haven't really got to grips with it properly but have decided to plan my lessons using it from now on. I like the idea that I can share my thinking about lessons and learning both with students (via the interactive whiteboard) and colleagues. I like the musical analogy and the visual simplicity of the interface. I also like the fact that web links and media can be embedded inside the score so there's less hopping about between tabs in the browser. I think this might be a really great way of making the art of lesson planning more explicit and engaging students in constructing their own learning experiences.

Here's my first attempt at a Photography lesson. Interestingly, the discipline of thinking about all the elements of the lesson by dragging and dropping the various modules onto the score really helped me conceptualise the kind of learning hopefully taking place. I'll feedback about the lesson tomorrow. I plan to share the score with the students and ask them if they'd like to make any adjustments before we start.


Daniel Stucke said...

I really like the look of Learning Score, but wish it was web-based. Installing software at work is always a pain. Getting used to universally available web-apps. I can imagine using it regularly would improve the quality of my lesson planning. If this was web-based and sharing was encouraged it could be even more powerful.

Jon said...

yes, I did wonder about spending £40 on software when so much of what I do is web based but the functionality of Learning Score is pretty special, particularly the ability to export in a variety of formats and embed content inside the score - video, sound, websites etc. Site licenses are available for whole transformation of lesson planning.