Tuesday 20 July 2010

Interior Design

I had a really interesting meeting today with the architects of the new school about the strategy for interior design. As well as the usual signage and wayfinding there are several large spaces in the new building that are perfect for large scale design projects. Dom Murphy from Tak! Design was also at the meeting and we are very keen for him to be involved in helping us devise a suitable approach. We currently feel that the new graphic identity should be the basis of the signage but that the large interior spaces could be more idiosyncratic, representing our specialist status as a visual arts college and involving students in helping to devise and create the work. Dom showed me the work of Lucy McLachlan (see above) who creates large scale wall graphics in monochrome paint. I wonder if we could commission a series of artists like Lucy to work with students to create large scale works of art for the walls of the new building? What do you think?


Unknown said...

Sounds fantastic to me. Could we personalise it to Tallus further in that many artists we work with are ex students and commission some of them to work in the spaces too. Our recent ex student commissions have worked really well.

Anonymous said...

I really love some of these. If the students were involved there might be a greater level of respect for these spaces. My only concern is whether this is the same as the design groups original proposals.