Tuesday 2 March 2010

Visit from IAMS

We had an action packed visit from several student Creative Leaders from Islington Arts and Media School today. IAMS is also a School of Creativity and we are keen to collaborate with them more closely on a whole range of initiatives. We met for a couple of hours, firstly playing with web 2.0 tools (Google Docs, Tumblr, Xtranormal, Voki, Audioboo and Wallwisher) to explore just how easy it is to create content online and use it for collaboration. Then our students arrived and we were able to quiz the IAMS crew about how they set up the Creative Leaders programme and the role that these students have in evaluating creative learning across the curriculum. As well as the I AM Creative film, the group brought with them the following documents which they are using to evaluate learning. I think we can really learn a lot from IAMS and their approach to engaging students in the process of gathering evidence about successful creative learning strategies. Hopefully, we can stay in touch online and pay a return visit soon.

Here's the link to the IAMS blog with related products that we made this morning.

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