Saturday 13 June 2009

Project Noodle

We've been working on the new website for Project Noodle. Can you all take a look and tell us what you think?


Me said...

nice work!
on year 9 page the text is overlapping the picture,
apart from that nice work!

would it be possible for me to come and observe one of these lessons when they get up and running?

who will the teachers be?

Project Noodle said...

Thanks Billy. You will, of course, be welcome to come and have a look at the lessons. We don't yet know who exactly will be teaching the course. Staff have been volunteering but it's still quite tricky working out the timetable. Mr Hawes is co-ordinating the whole thing so it will be really exciting. We want students to be able to have a bit more say about what and how they learn and to integrate the use of new technologies where appropriate. Learning to think about thinking is at the core of the programme. The Creative Tallis group has been really important in demonstrating that this way of working is beneficial for both staff and young people - working together and sharing responsibility for learning.