Saturday 10 January 2009

Bird's Eye View Drawings

There are lots of examples of artists and advertisers using a bird's eye view chalk drawing to defy the laws of physics. The artist Robin Rhode is a good example. Sometimes he animates the various still photographs to create short films but often he exhibits the individual shots on a gallery wall so that they appear like a disassembled flip book. Jan Van Holleben's photo series like Dreams of Flying is another good example of this kind of approach. This music video is inspired by Holleben's images. I found the above advert by Nike which I like very much, partly because it's very simple and fluid in its mixing of different viewpoints. I think Mr Hawes' idea of doing an animation/film using the concourse to describe a mathematical process would work really well, especially if students were shown other really good examples of this kind of work by a whole range of artists as inspiration.


Soren Hawes said...

It might be a nice idea to put together a show reel of animations to show the students. Maybe a starting point could be a workshop on animating before the maths element is fully outlined. That way thinking about movement, transformation and rotation could be introduced through experimentation.

Soren Hawes

Me said...

I think this is going to be a very successful project and appreciated by students and staff,