Thursday 18 December 2008

Food for Thought

Eye and I installation, Thomas Tallis School 2007

Yesterday afternoon's meeting with John Riches, our creative agent, produced lots of great ideas. Our central aim, you will remember, is to engage students, parents and other adults in thinking about creative learning and why we think there should be greater opportunities for people at Tallis to develop their creativity within and beyond the formal curriculum. To summarise, we have agreed to think about creating an event in the summer term (date to be confirmed) that includes the following ingredients:
  • a feast for parents, school leaders and members if the local community
  • stimulation for all the senses

  • opportunities for discussion about creative learning

  • games and other forms of interactivity

  • VJ projections

  • music

  • set design and lighting

  • movement

If I've left anything out or forgotten to include a vital ingredient which we have already discussed, please feel free to add a comment.

We agreed at the meeting that everyone in the group would create a new post to the blog about some aspect of creative learning over the Christmas holidays. I would just like to thank everyone in the group for your hard work and dedication to the course this term and to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a highly creative New Year.

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