Friday 2 January 2009

Creative Day

As well of having the summer evening event I think we should dedicate a day to promote creativity for the whole school and get every one thinking creatively. When I say thinking creatively I mean not just thinking that art, music and drama are the creative subjects but learning how to be more creative in areas such as maths, English and every day life as well. The day could include an array of activities that might be new to people and not usually taught within the normal school curriculum.

Any ideas about what events could be done and whether you think this a good idea?


Jon said...

I think this is an excellent idea Billy and might even materialise as part of the new plans for Key Stage 3. I like the idea of students becoming teachers for a day, either teaching each other something they know or can do, or teaching members of staff. I also like the idea of teachers teaching each others' subjects (possibly with the help of interested students). I think school should be continually surprising and engaging, not always in a big way, but through introducing regular opportunities to disrupt the status quo and encourage everyone to re-assess their relationship to school.

Amber Rowe said...

I agree with alot of this and I like the word 'disrupt' because it's often used to describe the negative but I've found it a good thing.
I do think that there are too many days at Tallis that are dedicated to different things, they seem to just come and go. I'm not disagreeing though I think that a general creativity day for the school would be good because it can cross all subjects and parts of the day.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a really good idea Billy! I also agree with what Amber said about there being days that are dedicated to things but they just seem to happen and then go with no reflection or evaluation so the following year they just seem to stay the same? I think a day where students and teachers can talk about things they might do out of school that even though they are really interesting they are not spoken about in school...?

Soren Hawes said...

I think Billy has made an important point in thinking about how the whole school can benefit from events that give students and staff opportunities to do things that might not seem part of the existing curriculum. That said, we have a real opportunity to rethink the curriculum so that we can offer approaches to learning that will have the same feeling of creativity, excitement and opportunity as one off events. In other words more of what we like for more of the time.


Johnny2 said...
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Johnny2 said...

I think that students teaching teachers and other students could be an excellent approach (and, Jon, it may be that students could tie this in with a Bronze/Silver Arts Award project?); maybe students have to 'apply' to run a class on a subject of their choosing and would then have to attend a day of 'teacher training'?.
(BTW, Johnny2 is John Riches, Creative Agent)