Saturday 31 January 2009

The Danish Connection

Back in November, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at a conference in Denmark about new technologies in education. Following my presentation, I was approached by Hanne Søgaard, a lecturer at University College South. We chatted briefly about our shared interest in Web 2.0 applications and Flickr, in particular. She mentioned that she was setting up a project for her students and we promised to stay in touch. We have managed to do this and I recently got this message from Hanne on Flickr:

"Our blog iscenesatte billeder in english "staged photos" is used for a project. I have tried to translate some of the Danish description:

Through the spring of 2009 Dorte Rizzi and I, Hanne Søgaard, both employees at University College South, Denmark, are working with staged pictures along with the students. Both during the process and in the presentations we will as far as possible use web 2.0 technologies: blogs, flickr, etc. On the blog, we will post inspiration material, links, manuals, tasks, etc. We will use labels that correspond to these categories. Everyone, including those not participating in the courses can comment on the blog posts and they are welcome. We will love it.

In the flickr group staged pictures - process the participants post photos in process and comments on these. Their final product will be placed in the group staged images - exhibition."

Hanne has used one of my photos on the blog header and we have set up a Flickr group called The Danish Connection, as a way of encouraging students in both countries to respond to photo challenges like Signs and Symbols and Emotion Capture. I'm really interested to see how Hanne's project develops and I've put a link to the blog on ours.

Have you come across any new applications online that might be useful for learning? What is your favourite online resource? Let us know so that we can all take a look!


Me said...

have you ever had a song in your head and cant think what it's called?
This website you can hum or sing a song and it will search it's database of songs to find the name! I have been trying it out and it doesn't seem to work for me, but maybe thats just my doggy humming.

let me know how you get on

Jon said...

Doggy humming!? No wonder it can't identify the songs.

Amber Rowe said...

Heres another of those sites, only this one you tap the tune on your spacebar.