Thursday 22 January 2009 in action

My Year English Literature group have been investigating how might support their collaborative efforts to prepare for their A level exam on the Lyrical Ballads. Although it took a little while to set up accounts and to create the collaborative group, within about twenty minutes we were ready to make a start. We soon got to grips with how to make our own mind maps and found it relatively straightforward to amend and develop existing mindmaps. One difficulty was that you can't have two people working on the same mind map at the same time, but that wouldn't be a problem with homework tasks, and it is quite easy to make multiples of the same mind map - or you could even have a carousel of mind maps that you move around.

It will be interesting to see how the mind maps develop, and also how effectively people collaborate. We might try to encourage the other groups that are studying the same text to join in , thereby creating a larger group of potential collaborators.

Can we think of other potential uses?

Mr. Hawes

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