Sunday 18 January 2009


I've just discovered this amazing site which helps you create an online scrapbook or journal. You can choose from hundreds of backgrounds and stickers to construct your page by simply dragging and dropping them into place. You can import your photos either from your computer or from sites like Flickr very easily. You can even embed YouTube videos. The finished scrapbook can be saved, exported as a series of images and/or published to the web to share with friends, family, or even an examiner. I had a go at making my own book this afternoon. What do you think?

I'm going to try to get my BTEC Media class to keep a virtual workbook using the site in order to maintain a critical record of their photography work for the Portrait of Tallis project. I think it will be an excellent way for them to consider how best to present their experiments in a visually stimulating way and keep track of their progress. I wonder if we could use something like this with Year 7 students as part of some kind of personal creative portfolio? We could encourage them to reflect on their preferred learning styles, make a self-portrait video or animation and include pictures of themselves and their family. This could then be published (online) and shared with their tutor and teachers in order to build a more rounded picture of them as learners. Since it exists on the internet, the students could continue to develop their portfolio/journal throughout the year, perhaps also reflecting on their learning at Tallis as it progresses.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!, A really cool website I have just started doing one and will post the link when it is finished! I love the way it links in with Flickr and Facebook two websites which I think should both be more linked in with teaching!