Friday 2 October 2009

Sir Nicholas Serota comes to Tallis

Sir Nicholas Serota is coming to visit Thomas Tallis next Wednesday, and, as part of his visit, he will be coming to talk to the staff and students of the Creativity Action Research Group. To find out a bit more about our visitor you could take a look at this profile or like all good web users you could take a critical look at a wiki page that focuses on his career. Some of you might remember Sir Nicholas from the Creative Manifesto event that we attended at Tate Modern a year ago. For those of you that weren't there, his address to the staff and students showed his passion for creative learning in the widest sense of the term. He is bound to be interested in how the students in the Creativity ARG are working to promote the cause of creative learning and also how you worked as curators and commissioners in your work with the Tangled Feet theatre company.

I have emailed everybody with arrangements and plans for next week, but maybe over the weekend you could take the chance to find out about our visitor. He has been at the centre of lots of debates and controversies relating to the arts, culture, learning and creativity so you will not find it hard to find lots of interesting stuff on the web.

It will be great to have the chance to share some ideas with such an interesting and important figure. I'm sure Sir Nicholas will be just as excited at the prospect of meeting you all and finding out about your work.

Looking forward to next week,



ttgunner said...

wow thats so cool . i cant wait to meet him! i know shadey and will probably be able to talk to her about it at school or on facebook

Anonymous said...

This is amazing. What a great opportunity

Danuta said...

Shame we've lost the time that was given to us but let's make the best out of the opportunity anyway