Friday 16 October 2009

Meeting on Tuesday 20 October

Hi folks
Here's the agenda for Tuesday's meeting at 3:45pm in DSC:

  1. An update from JN about the space on the Ferrier
  2. Feedback from the SSC Creativity Group
  3. Discussion about how to promote the Manifesto for a Creative Tallis
  4. Discussion about how to create a student led Commissioning Group as a School of Creativity project this year
  5. AOB
P.S. John Riches (our Creative Agent) reminded me of this project in Scotland. If you have time before Tuesday's meeting, it might be useful if you could check out the Room 13 project and the video below about Wooranna School in Australia.


Johnny2 said...

You'll notice that all of the schools in the Room 13 network are primary; I think that this is because primaries have more freedom within their curriculum, but I see no reason why an innovative school such as Tallis couldn't have a similar initiative. (As it stands, it seems that most of the schools are still building their websites, but the school in Bristol has done some nice research; I'm going to ask around and see where they got their funding from.)

Tom Wheeler said...

Ill be there,

What an interesting project! - I did a bit of googleing about it and found this Flickr page some really interesting work!

Soren Hawes said...

Firstly, apologies for not being able to make the meeting. I am going to go to the Game-based Learning event at the CLC - I will report back with a post on the blog.

There's lots of interesting stuff on the agenda - I particularly like the concept of students as commissioners, we might even get some knowhow from a visit to The Tate.