Monday 12 October 2009

Google Wave


Well I got my invite to Google Wave today! Have been playing arround with it and need to get a few people on it so that I can use it to its max!

Some of the key things I like.... Love the way it feels a bit like google mail! - Helps with using the site.

Also love the gadgets such as the voting panel and map panel - All things which would be good to use in a class room enviroment?

Here are some screen grabs... Anyone want an invite?- I need to work out if I have any and how to send - It would be good if some of us could collaberate togeather on somthing!



SuuziQ said...

yep count me to surf a wave.

Jon said...

Hi Tom
Yes, I too would like an invite to The Wave party

Raihan said...

hey.. OMG ..
Have anymore invites?

Can i have one too please?

Soren Hawes said...

Count me in!