Tuesday 20 October 2009


Creative Tallis Action Research Group


20th October 2009

Present: RO, JN, KH, HW, MST, TWT, Raihan, Billy, Shannon, Abbey

1. JN informed group of the invitation to be part of the "Inspired by London" event (A New Direction). See below for information.
JN to discuss possibility of the group attending the event with Mrs. Richards. JN and HW to organise forms, letters etc.

2. JN described the activities of the SSC Creativity Group. We discussed the relationship between us and them and what we would like them to do to support our work in developing cross-curricular approaches to creative learning. MST suggested that we adopt the format of "Faking It" to create a series of teacher swap events that could be documented like the series. Everyone thought that this was a great idea because it would:
  • remind teachers of what it's like to be a learner
  • potentially involve the whole school and get away from the idea that creativity is all about the arts
  • could engage both teachers and anciliary staff - office, site, kitchen etc.
  • demonstrate the value of inter-disciplinary learning and transferable skills
  • build confidence and celebrate risk-taking
  • provide opportunities for reflection about the process of learning something new
  • engage students in a surprising way
There is an obvious link to the recent Head Swap event involving Mr Thomas and Sir
Nick Serota and a previous Teacher Swap project sponsored by the Helen Storey Foundation. We all felt that it was important to involve all members of staff, not just teachers. Could we use a training day for staff to meet their swap partners and plan an activity?
Action: JN to approach SSC Creativity Group to discuss this idea and gain their support in helping to promote it to LT and the rest of the staff.

3. How do we promote the Manifesto for a Creative Tallis? KH suggested that we produce a handy guide for staff about how to incorporate creative learning strategies in their lessons. JN wondered if a core group of students could help create this resource in partnership with a graphic designer and/or writer.
Action: further discussion needed at our next meeting.

4. Discussion about establishing a student commissioning group. What would be their role? How would they be supported? JN suggested that they might apply to be on the group, that they would be in charge of a budget, learn about project management, write briefs, commission practitioners (including MST, our artist in residence) and evaluate impacts. MST agreed to help set the group up in collaboration with RO.
Action: MST and RO to present ideas for establishing the group at the next meeting.

Meeting ended: 4:45pm
Date of next meeting: Tuesday 10th November in Room 208

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