Saturday, 17 October 2009

Handheld Learning

I attended a conference recently about handheld learning. I heard Zenna Atkins, the Chair or Ofsted, share her vision about the future of learning and how technology is already making a big difference to the way some schools are thinking about every aspect of their organisation and practice. She presents some really interesting and challenging ideas in a no nonsense way. I know our primary interest is in creative learning, but I think we should also give some consideration to creative solutions to other tricky issues faced by school. It would be interesting to know what you think about some of the ideas in this presentation. You may also want to check out Malcolm McLaren's fascinating and irreverent talk from the same conference.


Jon said...

Just testing to see if the comment function is working... said...

I thought Zenna Atkins spoke really well, although at times she seemed exhausted as if she has said all this too many times before...i do hope not.
The video reminded me of many thoughts i have considered in recent months and years but i have tried to summarise to 3 points...
1...the myth (i believe it to be) that young people have far better understanding of new technologies than parents or teachers. In my experience many young people may well know how to upload their holiday pics to facebook but find sending an email with an attachment a challenge.
2...i enjoyed the exciting prospect that the future of learning may be removed from institutional environments and led by demand from learners, as a learner myself, i feel this possibility could have huge impact on motivation levels.
3...The passport to the future comments left me wondering if anybody has called the exam boards and made them aware that learning is changing...this year i am working with my Yr12 Level 2 group to record and evaluate their evidence logbooks on Tumblr, when i asked the board if this would be acceptable for moderation they replied "Yes, as long as they can all be printed off for the moderation visit." Well i shall print off a single list of web addresses for moderation but am waiting for the board to join the 21st Century rather than take out another acre of rainforest.

Tom Wheeler said...

Very interesting! - I think she seemed a bit nervous ? anyway... I thought it was really interesting that she reconised that people see technology in the class room as somthing of a threat, also I must agree with Ms Beauchamp, I was supporting a year 7 art lesson the students were able to use photoshop superbly! however found it a near impossablity to email the photo they made to the teacher!

I think with things like Google Wave (or simular) - Submittion of work via hand held devices will get much more used even if they are only used to view comments that teachers make on there work!