Friday 20 November 2009

Web Play

Web Play are an organisation that work on developing projects that link schools through drama and new technologies. Billy, Seb, Billy and myself went to visit Sydney Thornbury from Web Play to find out more. She was really interested in the idea of students having a role in managing and developing projects for other students and would like to work with Tallis and the Creativity ARG to create something for later in the year. She suggested that we collaborate with some of the primary schools in the area as a way of making links to future students and also as a way of helping students at primary schools develop their skills with new technologies. It would be great to have Tallis Students making blogs, films, podcasts and so on with Year 6 students at schools like Wingfield and Brooklands. What do we think?

Mr. Hawes

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Jon said...

I think this sounds like a great idea. Mr Murray is currently planning a series of workshops with Henwick and Horn Park primary schools based on using music technology and animation to improve literacy and numeracy. We were successful in getting hold of 10 fully featured Macbooks with various peripherals and software pre-installed from The CLC to help create a mobile ICT facility. I wonder if these two initiatives could combine in some form?