Friday 20 November 2009


Check out the great new accessibility feature of our blog. Above this post, and every post on the blog, you should now see a "listen now" button. This service is provided by Odiogo. The text in the post is converted into a suave sounding American voice. There's also a link in the menu to the right that enables you to subscribe to the podcasts. This means you can listen on the go via services like iTunes. The main benefit for visitors to the site is that the content is now accessible for everyone.

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Soren Hawes said...

This is very interesting. I have just started working with Greenwich's visually impaired support service and I am sure this will be something that will really interest them.

More generally I am really interested in ways of using audio with students at the moment. I have used Audioboo to good effect but it is only available on the iPhone. Another option is Voccaroo which is incredibly easy to use, but the sound quality is iffy. What are the options for getting audio content onto a blog?