Tuesday 17 November 2009

Inspired by London

Here's a first draft of the film about yesterday's Inspired by London event. I was really tired when I got home last night but also really inspired by our team's efforts and very proud of the students from the Action Research Group who were such fantastic ambassadors for the school.

I Hope you like the film. I'll try to get hold of some the other footage this week and attempt a redraft soon. Thanks again for being such brilliant young people. Thanks also to Mr Hawes and Mr Wheeler who provided amazing support.


Johnny2 said...

Indeed, it looks like there was some major effort put into the project. From the images on the film, you really managed to capture the haphazard nature of the London skyline. Have you managed to arrange keeping of any of the installation?

Jon said...

Hi folks
I've just received this comment from Clare:

I had such a great day working with everyone from Thomas Tallis and it reminded me how brilliant team work can be. We started with a vague notion of the London skyline, photos of which we put up on the wall. Meanwhile we experimented with the strips of wood. I had had some thoughts of what might work but everyone came up with loads more great ideas.

We talked about how the abstract patterns we were making gave a really strong feeling of the energy of the London skyline although some of the elements like the cranes and bridge worked really well too. Towards the end of the day we started simplifying and arranging what we had made and everyone was very brave about losing some individual ownership in the interests of the whole piece working. Right at the end we shone lights at the piece which looked fabulous and we made black line patterns along the top of the wall which reflected the shadows. All the visitors who came to see the work were incredibly impressed and couldn't believe it had been made in a day.

After everyone had left we took the installation apart but all the wood was carefully saved and is coming back to Thomas Tallis so it will be interesting to see it in its next incarnation.

I so enjoyed meeting all of you at Thomas Tallis and learnt an awful lot from you - especially how simply and easily you used the cameras, video and twitcam. I have been experimenting in my studio to see how I can creatively and usefully incorporate the internet into my practice and I now have lots of ideas to play with thanks to you. More simply it was a pleasure working with such an articulate, interesting, charming and creative group of people for the day and I had a lovely time.

Last night I walked over Embankment bridge and was reminded of your string triangle. Thanks to all of you.


Jon said...

Also got this one from Steve Moffitt:

A really huge thank you for yesterday. The Tallis students were focused, talented and demonstrated a great energy and commitment to the task in hand. They produced an excellent piece of work and I was really pleased and excited that the school was able to contribute so productively and positively to the event. Thanks!