Wednesday 31 December 2008

No music day??

This video just made me think about how it's true that if you go without something, or even with something and nothing else for a long period of time, that your opinion of it changes once it has returned.

Creativity is not keeping something the same, it's where ideas are always moving, even if they come to no conclusion. It's the process and thinking that counts. Which is why I thought the video was relevant. If you learn in one way constantly then how likely are you to stop taking an interest or be able to correct your own mistakes if you're not questioning the knowledge you already have?

A lot of the time in school I think it's taken for granted that what you're learning is concrete and that what you are taught is what you should know, but being creative in the classroom lets students take information and think about it in their own way as well just learning the facts.


Jon said...

This is great Amber. I really like Bill Drummond. His new project "The 17" is really cool:
What could we take away at Tallis to encourage students (and staff) to reassess its importance?

Soren Hawes said...

A fascinating idea. We often think about what we think we need to have, rather than thinking about how a 'deficit' might actually promote creativity. How about a no pen day, a no talking day, a no desk day, a no roof day ...

Mr. Hawes

Me said...

i think this a really good idea,
But a tricky question to what would we take away?
i was thinking Break time but thats slightly to harsh and i think i would have the hell kicked out of me if they knew that was my suggestion and there might be legal reasons about students getting a certain amount of break!

i quite like the idea of a no desk day!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a good idea! Maybe we should think about little things that we take for advantage! (Such as printers etc). I think a no pen day could work? - What would school departments think also what would the lessons belike I think they would be a lot more interesting and fun!

Amber Rowe said...

Reading these, rubbers come to mind, or mistakes in general.
Obviously this can't be constant but I think a day where no mistakes are allowed to be rubbed out or just gotten rid of of would be good.

Jon said...

Don't forget to cast your vote on the top right of the homepage folks. If you choose "other" please leave a comment here about what else you'd like to see taken away for the day. I really love the idea of no "mistakes" Amber.

Johnny2 said...

As somebody who doesn't own a mobile phone, I'm always interested in how people come to rely on them; a 'no-mobile' day, maybe bookended by a worries/fears/expectations session beforehand and a creative 'how did I feel?' session at the end could be interesting.
(John Riches, Creative Agent)