Friday 5 December 2008

New Technologies for Creativity

Why computers should be thought of as being more like paint brushes than televisions.

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Soren Hawes said...

I think the film makes two crucial points:

First that good education involves lots of opportunities to play, design, experiment, solve , explore make and so on. This used to be seen as the preserve of kindergarten, but should instead be the approach with all years and all abilities. Also it is worrying to think about how some of the pressures on primary schools has sometimes made these vital approaches seem like diversions from the real business of learning. I think any secondary teacher who visits a good primary school is struck by how the youngest children can appear to have more open-ended activities, more scope for experimentation and more scope to do things that aren't always successful than children who are about to leave secondary school.

Secondly, That new technologies can be seen as simply ways of presenting and sharing more effectively. I think we need to think how using new technologies effectively is reliant on offering exactly the same approaches that work so effectively in the kindergarten class (or any class) - new technologies offer a potent opportunity to play, design, experiment, explore, adjust and manipulate.

Mr Hawes