Saturday 11 December 2010

The vision for using ICT to support learning

I thought people might be interested to see some of the ideas that came out of the InSeT on the vision for using new technologies and ICT to support learning. It was a really positive evening and there was a tangible enthusiasm and interest for how new tools could be used as a part of a blended approach for good learning. As ever, and is entirely healthy, they were debates and differences, but the overall outcome was positive.

In addition to the teachers’ thoughts the students in the Creativity ARG created a Stixy noticeboard with their vision for what learning should look like in the near future. The Stixy was much admired by staff, and I have absolutely no doubt that it played a huge part in creating such a positive and progressive outcome.

I am also collating the responses to a survey linked to the InSeT session, and once I have chased a few more responses I will add them to the blog,



Jon said...

It's great that the response has been largely positive. Let's hope we are getting closer to the tipping point where we can stop debating whether or not ICT is a significant priority and devote our time and energy to planning how it should be most effectively used in learning and teaching.

Jon said...

It's amazing how many times people have requested to trial the iPad. I wonder if we should give serious consideration to equipping everyone with an iPad in the new school. The new version with front and back facing cameras is rumoured to be out next April. Just in time! Seriously, this has the potential to really transform the way people engage with ICT. As more powerful and exciting apps are produced for the iPad there might really be no need for teachers to use a laptop. Looks like we should at least get a few to trial before we make our decision.