Sunday 12 December 2010

Using google docs to share ideas

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I have just made my first contribution to Tom Barrett’s “Interesting ways to use …” series. For the full list, you can visit Tom’s blog. I think these shared google docs presentations are genius because:

* it’s a great way of sharing ideas
* all of the ideas are based on things that are really happening in the classroom, so they are pre-tested
* it creates networks of collaborators (most of whom will never meet) - it’s great to feel part of a shared project
* It’s always growing and developing - education can have a tendency to inertia, but this is always updating
* it’s a great example of how online tools can be used to make links


1 comment:

Jon said...

Cool. I really admire Tom's crowdsourcing. Lots of the ideas appear to relate to primary schools so having a few secondary appropriate contributions would be great.