Saturday 7 February 2009



Take a few descriptive words, for example illuminating, lethargic, energetic.
What would you call an energetic sound/sight/smell etc.
Now what would be the difference between an energetic sound and sight?
Or would an energetic sound and sight invoke the same emotion/feeling?

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Jon said...

I think you've hit on a really rich vein of thinking here. Nick Cattermole, a sound artist who works with us mostly in local primary schools, always maintains that young people could be taught so much better to really listen to the world around them. His approach involves sampling the environment and then using these noises to create complex abstract sound compositions that reference musique concrete and the work of the BBC's famous Radiophonic Workshop. He's coming in to school to demonstrate this technique to staff at the annual conference in March. I hope that my colleagues appreciate the fantastic benefits of incorporating work on sound into all aspects of the curriculum so that we can begin to explore the relationships between noises, emotions, language and visual images. It's this kind of synthetic approach to learning which, I believe, should be the foundation of any use of new technologies in learning, especially with young students who are so receptive to it.