Thursday 12 February 2009

Picasa for the Mac

I've just downloaded the new Picasa photo management tool for the Mac. It's free and in beta mode at the moment but looks like an interesting addition/alternative to iPhoto. I don't think I'll use the web upload function too much. I can't imagine not using Flickr to manage my pictures online. But I do like some of the simple ediing features. My favourite so far is the Collage function which enables you to select a folder of images and create collages like the one above at the press of a button. Images can be shuffled to your heart's content and there are various other options available such as Contact print and Grid. You can also add various frames and drop shadows to your images. You can also publish direct to Blogger out of the application. That's how this post was created.

By the way, the above images are all taken from various photoblogs kept by students at Tallis. Cool.
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