Tuesday 21 June 2011

Billy the sports photojournalist

I've just received a great message from Billy, esteemed and long standing member of the Action Research Group. You'll remember that Billy won a competition on Flickr which enabled him to work as an official photographer at the Youth Olympic games in Singapore last year. It now appears that he has been invited to be one of the official photojournalists at the 2012 games:

I got an exciting email today confirming that I'll be getting press accreditation for London 2012 next year, as well as photographing the young hopefuls in the lead up (training) and qualifying to take part in the Games.

How cool is this? Further proof that if you can identify your talents, work very hard to refine them and get yourself out there to make the necessary contacts, the world is indeed your oyster. Well done Billy from your friends on the Creative Tallis ARG!


Soren Hawes said...

That is fantastic and completely justified. Billy is a fantastic example of how talent, maturity and intelligence can open up wonderful and potentially life-changing opportunities. I hear lots of students talk about what they are going to do at some golden point in the future, but Billy has shown that there is no need to wait - what's to stop you pursuing your talent right now and finding your own audience? Top work, Billy!

Jon said...

Yes indeed!

Sophie Leach said...

this is amazing - testament to Billy's commitment, talent, determination, endless initiative and seizing, no doubt, every opportunity - oh, and the fantastic support network too. Billy is one to watch!