Wednesday 11 May 2011


Mr Hawes and I have begun a new project with the Year 9 Tallis Lab students entitled Space2Cre8. The project, sponsored by Berkeley University in California USA and the London School of Economics in the UK, aims to create a social network of students from around the world who share their stories using a variety of digital media. Yesterday afternoon, we had a Skype call with colleagues from the USA (California and New York), South Africa and India where we introduced ourselves and found out about their schools and students. We also heard an amazing story about a group of girls from the Indian school who have formed a new organisation battling domestic violence (see video above). It was also really interesting to hear about different perspectives on safety and poverty. The kids from New York and India had exchanged film stories and poems. Both groups had learned a lot about their friends in the other country but, fascinatingly, both developed a different view of their home neighbourhoods. The Indian girls, in particular, began by feeling slightly envious of their New York counterparts but soon realised that they were much safer in India than the Upper West Side, despite the threat of sexual and domestic violence and their relative material poverty.

This is such an exciting opportunity for our students to share their stories about the challenges they face and the opportunities they enjoy. We can't wait to get started!

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