Saturday 10 July 2010

Grayson Perry on creativity

Grayson Perry on Creativity by fotologic

Grayson Perry is a Turner Prize winning, cross-dressing artist who, in this programme, explores some ideas associated with creativity. It's a fascinating enquiry which ends with a really interesting proposal that we may actually need less creativity. Well worth a listen.


Anonymous said...
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Jon said...

I've just used the Google Translate service to try and work out each of these Chinese visitors comments (above). here they are:

"Who can not seek their equipment, will house its short, whichever Director."

"To give you fuel to help push you look oh look forward to your next update, thank you."

"The best way to cultivate healthy children first become able-bodied parents."

I'm not sure how accurate these translations are so if anyone has better versions it would be great to receive them. I'm delighted though that our blog has received interest from the Chinese community.