Monday 3 May 2010

River Soundings


Bill Fontana, a leading sound artist, has spent several months gathering audio and video recordings of the river Thames from above and below ground. These have been collected together in a new installation at Somerset House in a project entitled 'River Sounding'. This Audioboo was made today with the help of my family as we explored the subterranean spaces of the building. Wouldn't it be great to create a similar exploration of our school, capturing its unique sounds and relaying them back to a visiting public during the summer festival of creativity which we're calling 'Past, Present & Future'?

What non human sounds do you most associate with Thomas Tallis School? Which parts of the building would create the most evocative set of noises? What's the difference between noise and music? What would be the best way to play these sounds back to an audience?

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Amber Rowe said...

This is a cool idea. There are loads of sound identities for buildings in London, and most of them are on display somewhere, Tallis should definately do one.