Friday 4 December 2009

Tree Dressing 2009

This year's tree dressing celebrations on the Ferrier Estate had a musical theme. The Tallis Year 8 steel band played to an appreciative crowd in Telemann Square, following a lantern parade around the estate led by a jazz band. The fireworks orchestrated by Emergency Exit Arts were spectacular, as was Rosa's soup served up free for everyone from the Community Hall. Listen to the festive sounds of the band as people gathered together out of the cold.


We hope to create a website this year celebrating the sights and sounds of this special occasion. Thanks to everyone who took part, to the artists, technicians, cooks, police officers and organisers, and especially our very own Creative Communities Development Officer, Lisa Sproat, who sadly missed the event that she had worked so hard to help organise because of a dodgy tooth! Get well soon Lisa.


Tom Wheeler said...

I was there filming, it was great fun to see so many people together! - The firework display was amazing too! Going to work on getting the film done tonight + tomorrow then will post onto here!

Jon said...

Thanks for doing the filming Tom. Will you post the edited version on YouTube? I can feel another Wix website in the offing!