Sunday 5 July 2009

Tangled Feet Wix Website

Thanks to Billy who's been experimenting with the excellent Wix website building tools, I decided to have a go myself. I've made a site for the Tangled Feet residency and would be interested in your thoughts, both about the content and the way Wix enables content to be viewed. The flash elements in the site are great and I've used very few of them here. Although there aren't currently options to upload files, you can create a music player, embed YouTube videos, format slideshows of images, animate graphics and use literally hundreds of objects to design your site. The templates are pretty good and you can alo design the site from scratch. You can even design your own widgets and embed them in other sites. If anyone else has a go at using Wix, let us all know. Here's the link to Billy's lovely photography site.


Me said...

Nice one,
looks great!

I like the way that you have more control over where you want your pictures, text etc compared to Weebly but as you said maybe better for mini sites rather than main sites (until you can upload documents anyway)

Amber Rowe said...

Wow this is great.
The best website/blog set up used yet I'd say. I really like the layout and the content.
Cool find Billy

Anonymous said...

OK, now this is good! I love how easy it is to navigate around the site and the gallery looks fab!

Well done Billy for finding it!

Me said...

It's okay people!
I'm quite chuffed I found it myself because I wanted to make a website and i don't get on with weebly